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See it outside – feel it inside


Welcome to SwissmedGlow, a small oasis for medical cosmetics in the Centre of Zurich Enge. The services we offer are diverse and cover from anti-aging and body modeling to hair removal. We offer a variety of state-of-the-art medical procedures in the field of medical cosmetics with our high-tech equipment with a CE-certificate. For the medical procedures such as Botox, fillers and PDO-threads we work in collaboration with doctors, specializing in the field of aesthetics.




“The owner Scarlet Gamski was born in Zurich, Switzerland.

From early childhood she is fascinated by topics related to health, nutrition, aesthetics and medicine from a scientific point of view.

After completion of her basic studies in Human Medicine at the University of Irchel in Zurich, she began studying journalism, to promote her passion for writing and to combine it with the knowledge in Medicine (specialization: medical journalism).

Her fascination by and interest in appliance-aided cosmetics and aesthetic medicine are constantly fueled by specializations and courses in medical and cosmetic procedures. Thanks to her abundant know-how, she considers the customers’ wishes carefully and provides recommendations for individual treatment in accordance with your individual needs and with the harmony of your beauty and skin health.”

  • A certified medical beautician in aesthetic medicine
  • Basic study in Medicine at the University of Irchel in Zurich.
  • A certifying course “Mono PDO-threads” with Dr. med. Posselt in Zurich
  • A certifying workshop “Filler – methods and techniques” with Dr. Linde in Zurich
  • A certifying course in “Medical Peeling” at the Albin Academy in Fehraltdorf
  • Training in “Vital Injector” and application of PRP (thrombocyte rich plasma) with Dr. med. Posselt
  • Long-time Assistant-Doctor at the Etzelclinic in Pfäffikon SZ
  • Specialization in Coach Nutrition
  • Continuous further education in the field of nutrition, medical cosmetics and minimally invasive procedures


Prevention before treatment

Our philosophy: Prevention before treatment. If you start protecting your skin through a healthy lifestyle, sun protection, antioxidants and appropriate procedures for tightening the skin, you can significantly reduce the signs of time and slow them down.

Get the GLOW and see it outside and feel it inside.



Anti-Aging und Body-Forming. We address all of you who wish to feel good in your skin and in your body. We have extensive know-how and work with state-of-the-art, CE and FDA certified equipment. Whether you want to regain your youthful appearance, to increase your radiance, to look fresher or thinner before an event, to improve marks or to keep your good tan – we have the right suggestion for you.



We are focused on the mesotherapy procedures, because we are enthusiastic about this overall, highly effective, non-surgical method of treatment whose purpose is to beautify the skin and regenerate the tissue.

It effectively counters wrinkles, scars, impurity, stretch marks or pigment disorders. The skin becomes considerably fresher and firmer. Perforation makes very tiny openings into the skin. So the skin gets ready to absorb the substances. The additionally applied serums and their active ingredients, all tailored to your skin, penetrate deeply into it and reveal their healing and regenerative effect there. Depending on the purpose of the procedure, that may be vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, trace elements, peptides or even your own plasma. Let yourself be impressed by the results.

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