Medical consultation

The personal conversation is crucial.

The basis for a positive patient-doctor relationship is that we understand each other. I need to realize what is important to you and you need to trust me that I am the right person to make this happen. Your expectations of the result and my treatment offer should ideally overlap appropriately. That’s why it’s important to me that we talk in-depth. I will ask questions about reasons why you want a change, among other things. It is certainly helpful if you think about everything you want to know in advance. It is best to take notes before our appointment so that no questions remain unanswered. And I promise you that everything you entrust to me will be treated with absolute discretion.

Please understand that we charge a fee for the first consultation in our studio, which will be offset with a booking of an aesthetic treatment.

Advice is an important part for both the doctor and the patient. Both sides can thus build trust. The creation of a detailed, individual treatment plan therefore makes the consultation indispensable.

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