With the Hydra FacialTM – younger, radiant and better-looking skin right away.

The hottest all-in-one facial treatment for long-lasting results.

The treatment concept from HydraFacialTM was developed in the USA and is an integral part of the skin care concept for many men and women, especially people we know from the world of the media. HydraFacialTM is a revolutionary treatment concept in the field of non-invasive skin renewal. Not only Hollywood stars like Paris Hilton and Beyoncé Knowles are enthusiastic about HydraFacialTM. HydraFacialTM‘s combination of treatment steps has become an integral part of the treatment strategy of leading international university hospitals, due to its high effectiveness. The “HydraFacialTM” treatment is a non-invasive treatment method in skin renewal. HydraFacialTM is the only hydradermabrasion procedure that combines cleansing and peeling while providing extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection. It helps to achieve a clear, beautiful complexion with no irritation. The treatment has an excellent revitalising and unique moisturising effect on the skin. The “HydraFacialTM” treatment, dead skin cells and skin impurities are simultaneously removed, the pores are deep cleansed, highly effective and concentrated serums and antioxidants are transferred, and the skin is stimulated to microcirculate. Treatment with “HydraFacialTM” is soothing and calming, non-irritating and has an immediate effect.

Process treatment: Our HydraFacialTM combines 4 kinds of modern hi-tech technology: vacuum priessure, Vortex tip, diamond micro-dermabrasion tip and electroporation, and 3 different anti-ageing solutions for incomparable deep cleaning, exfoliation and derma-infusion. The combination of mechanical and chemical micro-dermabrasion followed by the introduction of active ingredients is unique and guarantees effective results. With the HydraFacialTM , exfoliation is carried out using three-step vortex head and solutions technique with the optional diamond head. The electroporation handpiece is then used to introduce a therapeutically active substance (vitamins, hyaluron etc.) into the skin. To optimise the result, the skin is irradiated with a gentle LED red light. Its rays activate collagen fibre production and stimulate cell division (by 200% according to the latest clinical studies).   DURATIN: JUST ONE SINGLE TREATMENT? With the HydraFacialTM, the facial treatment takes around 60 minutes.   HOW MANY TREATMENTS ARE RECOMMENDED? Generally, several treatments are usually required; the exact number depends on the condition of the skin, skin type and skin problem to be treated. As a rule, 4 to 10 treatments are recommended, with with the first 4 treatments performed a week apart and the then once a month.   IS THE TREATMENT PAINFUL? No, absolutely not. The HydraFacialTM has a very pleasant and relaxing cooling effect.   HOW DOES YOUR SKIN FEEL AFTER THE TREATMENT, AND ARE THERE ANY SIDE EFFECTS? Side effects for the treatment are extremely rare. Immediately after micro-dermabrasion, there may be slight redness but this usually disappears completely after electroporation.

Suitable for: The non-invasive weapon against:

  • wrinkles
  • clogged and enlarged pores
  • over-pigmentation
  • oily skin
  • acne
  • deep Cleansing
  • skin image refinement e.g. skin with enlarged pores
  • severe scars (use of the diamond attachment to refine the skin’s appearance)
  • age spots
  • couperosis

Many people report that immediately after a treatment, they notice a visible skin improvement and even a more radiant appearance of the skin. The smoothing results and hydration can last 5 or 7 days or even longer. Initially it is advisable to carry out a series of 3-6 treatments, one treatment per week, to improve the lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, oily skin and skin prone to acne. For long-lasting results, the HydraFacialTM treatmentshould should be performed every 4 – 6 weeks with the HydraFacial TM. Face, neck, cleavage, back, arms, hands etc..

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