Hollywood Carbonpeeling


The anti-ageing trend of the stars. Hollywood Carbon Peeling, exclusively to us in Enge, Zurich.


  • The principle: Hollywood Carbon Peeling assists the skin in eliminating many skin problems such as acne and cosmetic blemishes by the application of carbon gel and painless removal using laser energy..


  • Indications: increased sebum production, skin impurities and acne, pigmentation, enlarged pores, smoothing of the skin surface, skin ageing, pale complexion


  • Areas of application: facial skin and neck area.
  • Treatment procedure: black carbon gel is applied evenly to the cleansed face. The eyes are covered with protective goggles. The carbon gel consists mainly of nanoparticles with carbon, which attach themselves to the pores in the skin and can bind dirt particles, skin residues and talc. These are then evaporated  by the laser energy of the laser beam, then residues of the carbon gel are removed. Duration: 50-60 minutes.


  • After the treatment: Brighter, more even skin, possibly minimal redness.


  • Result: Overall, the treatment promotes normal lipid metabolism in the skin and reduces skin impurities. Furthermore, the skin appears more even and radiant with finer pores. To achieve long-lasting results, 4 – 6 sessions are recommended at two-week intervals.

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