Venus Legacy™ Skin firming


VENUS LEGACY™ Skin tightening and anti-ageing, exclusively in Enge, Zurich

Venus Legacy is the optimal treatment for face, neck and body in Zurich.

SwissmedGlow works with Venus Concept systems to achieve targeted skin firming. The system offers the best technologies available today for the modern, aesthetic, non-invasive treatment of skin firming. With the new (MP)² Venus Legacy, Venus Concept combines two proven medical technologies: radio frequency (RF) and magnetic field therapy. So Venus Legacy offers a convincing, perfect “all-in-one” solution that is especially suitable for skin firming. Magnetic and radio frequency pulses form a highly efficient, densely woven energy matrix that can also reach deeper skin layers. By fully penetrating the skin, it provides exponentially improved clinical efficacy and clearly visible results. (MP)² Venus Legacy emits radio frequencies and magnetic impulses simultaneously with 8 to 12 electrodes, ensuring even warming of the entire treated area. Homogeneous energy distribution means that treatment time is shorter. The external cooling of the skin, which is required for other processes, can be completely done without here.


Treatment options for the following areas:

  • A lifting effect without the need for an operation
  • Defines the contour of the face
  • Reduces lines and “creases”
  • Eliminates “marionette” lines
  • Stimulates the production of collagen
  • Reduces sagging eyelids
  • Freshens your face – a guaranteed “WOW factor
  • Generalised, long-lasting skin firming


Effective results after 10 treatments on the face and body:

Venus Legacy Technology

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