Fire & Ice Facial by iS Clinical

FIRE & ICE FACIAL by iS Clinical

The Red Carpet Facial.


Fire & Ice from IS Clinical is a clinically tested skin care range that is used exclusively in selected cosmetic studios. The two-stage facial treatment of heat and cold ensures radiantly beautiful skin. The warm phase activates the blood circulation and stimulates cell renewal in the skin. The cooling phase relaxes the skin and supplies it with soothing moisture and extracts of peppermint, rosemary and grape seeds as well as Hydral Cool Serum and stimulating collagen.

The intensive Fire & Ice Facial is designed to renew the surface of the skin quickly and safely for skin that is immediately visibly smoother and more radiant. Ideal before that special occasion! Hollywood celebrities just love this straightforward facial, and book it regularly before events,s o that they look great in the spotlight. The two-stage facial reduces fine lines and lines, and the skin becomes smoother, more even and softer. Firstly, a therapeutic mask with 18% glycolic acid is applied, which stimulates micro-circulation and cell renewal. The mask is then removed and a second cooling mask is applied. The peppermint and rosemary contained in the mask soothes the skin and gently cools it. The mask is worked into the skin by lymphatic drainage using ice-cooled glass balls. The impressive result is a more elastic, smoother skin with that desirable GLOW!

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