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Your skin care consultation at the SwissmedGlow Studio:

Do you need help to find the optimal product for your skin type?

At SwissmedGlow, we analyze your personal skin type and create an individual skin care program for you at home.

We help you with the right product selection and correct handling. The scientific medical skin care line Noon was founded by biochemist Masha Minkin. Over the years she has developed a skin type system based on science and and experience as a scientist and doctor.

Why a skin analysis at SwissmedGlow?

There is a huge jungle of skin care products on the beauty market – but which products really keep their promises? The promises of the cosmetics market overwhelm most people! We help you to find the right ingredients and thus the right products and micronutrients for YOUR skin. Enhance your skin. As with sport, it is never too late to start at any age and in any situation.

In this very detailed consultation, the first step is to analyze the complexion of your skin, address your specific wishes and, above all, your needs. We will discuss the options with you and select the individual ingredients that are specific to your skin. We therefore also explain exactly why and how something works. An individual plan is put together for your skin.


Questions about the SwissmedGlow skin analysis:

Which active ingredients are right for your skin? Which should you use in the morning and which in the evening? What has to be applied when. First the serum, then the sunscreen, then the cream or when is the make-up?

The skin analysis includes an explanation of the processes and suggestions for the ingredients and product recommendations specific to your skin.

As it is well known that beauty comes not only from the outside, but also from within, micronutrients and dietary supplements are included in the recommendation.

In addition, we will give you a plan on how and what you can give your skin to “training” in order to easily maintain and, if necessary, support your natural beauty.

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