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Arguably every woman would like to have  long, fantastic lashes, but not everyone wants to go and have eyelash extensions . We have the solution for you, the perfect alternative treatment is eyelash lifting. The eyelash lift is a modern way forward in eyelash treatments.   Lifted eyelashes can save you time in stressful everyday life and you can completely do away with the eyelash curler and eyelash tinting for 6-8 weeks, because that’s how long the eyelash lifting lasts. Not only do your eyelashes get the WOW factor, but they are also shielded by a protective black lamination that compresses them. But you can use mascara & all the rest without worry. We think that no women should have to forego a perfect look. That’s why we make sure that your dream of having amazing, natural eyelashes is achieved – in just 30 minutes.   We put our confidence in the German brand AUGENMANUFAKTUR, which has impressed us, not just with its lifting products but also with its eyebrow and eyelash tints. All products are designed for and are gentle on the eyes.

This is how it works: We apply silicone pads to the eyelid and then coat the hairs with a special gel formula of sulphur oxide and a dye. The effect can be seen immediately: the eyelashes stand up, at the same time the eyelashes take on the dark colour, making them appear even longer and more voluminous. Instead of a roller, a silicone pad is glued to the lid, which lifts the lash from the base upwards instead of backwards as with the eyelash wave. The treatment takes just 30 minutes and the result lasts about 6 weeks.

Eyelash lift with lamination

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