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Diode Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Enge, Zurich – Just permanently smooth skin.

  For many women and men, the desire for permanent, long-lasting hair removal remains a constant cosmetic issue. Today superfluous hair is less and less desirable, in sport, at work, going out or at home. Epilation with wax, sugaring or plucking are painful procedures that have to be repeated every 2-3 weeks. The results with flash lamps (such as IPL, etc.) are often disappointing because they are ineffective, are painful and have side effects.   Using the latest diode laser technology in Zurich, we perform permanent hair removal quickly, painlessly and effectively. Combined with external cold air skin cooling, even sensitive zones such as bikini areas are painless and pleasant. Ideal for all skin types. In 5 to 7 treatments at 6 week intervals, all hair is permanently removed. Even after the first treatment, hair growth is visibly reduced. Eliminate stubble, ingrown hair and daily shaving. With the diode laser, you get professional permanent hair removal.   A luxury class laser guarantees you safe & gentle treatment. Now available for all skin tones.

An overview of the benefits for you – excellent results with modern technology – suitable for all skin types – effective on almost all hair colours, from black to dark blond – low pain treatment – faster treatments with fewer sessions – suitable for the face: beard, upper lip, chin – suitable for the body: back, chest, legs, bikini, armpits   In principle, all areas can be treated with the laser. However, it is not possible to treat eyebrows and men’s complete genital area (to some extent, by prior arrangement).     What is the difference between laser and other techniques like IPL? Both flash lamps and the diode laser SHR 808 work by photothermolysis (destruction of a target structure by heat generation, with no damage to the surrounding area), whereas the diode laser SHR 808 is much more selective and so the risk of side effects and pain is much lower than with flash lamps such as IPL etc. Another great advantage is the new “inMotion” sliding technique, which, in combination with ultrasound gel, means we can travel along the area to be treated. The treatment is twice as fast and practically painless.     How does the laser treatment work? All health related questions must be read, understood and signed before the first treatment, then plenty of cooling lubricant is applied to the are of the skin to be treated. Eyes are protected with special eye protection glasses. The treatment head is continuously highly cooled and guided over the skin, applying light pressure. The high frequency of 5 – 8 laser shots per second significantly reduces the treatment time. After the treatment the remaining cooling gel is removed and a calming Aloe Vera gel is applied. Approx. 4-8 treatments are needed to ensure that the hair does not grow back again.  

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